Clay County Schools
  Clay County Schools
The Clay County Schools create a unique experience in Hayesville NC that will benefit students afraid of getting lost in a crowd. The Clay County School System is comprised of three schools � Hayesville Elementary, including grades pre-kindergarten through fourth, Hayesville Middle School, fifth through eighth grades, and Hayesville High School, ninth through twelfth grades. All three schools are on one campus, making for an easy transition from one school to another. Also, the junior high system (pairing of grades 5-8, rather than 6-8) has been proven to be more emotionally effective for adolescent aged students during this transitional time.

Hayesville Elementary School serves about 500 students, and the teachers and administrators have a unified philosophy that, �a good school is like a good family, the foundation is absolute trust among all its members followed by open communication, respect, and a unified commitment toward the common good of others through teamwork. The result is the development of good character in young people who constantly experience adult role models with compassion, courage, self-discipline, and unconditional love. When good families and good schools work together, students naturally become successful, confident, and caring citizens of tomorrow� (information from the Hayesville Elementary School website). This is obviously a town and a school truly focused on building community, and caring for their students.

Hayesville Middle School is the perfect environment for pre-teens to develop cognitively and mentally. During this transitional time, Hayesville Middle School focuses on grouping together different ages, subjects, and programs to give a complete educational picture to these young people. With all of this interdisciplinary education and whole-child approach, it is no wonder that the community rallies behind this school.

Hayesville High School, serving about 400 students each year, focuses on innovation and technology to prepare students for entering college and the global community. Its numerous clubs and organizations help students to know what community is and how to become productive members of society. All three schools in the system consistently meet North Carolina�s testing standards and make progress towards yearly goals. Graduation rates are consistently higher than state and national averages. Students in Clay County Schools are lucky to be able to take advantage of this one of a kind school system and the opportunities it provides.

Clay County Schools
154 Yellow Jacket Drive
Post Office Box 178
Hayesville, NC 28904

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