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The first step in selling your home is fixing all the small problems you�ve let go over the years. You�d be surprised how much more you can get for a home when the buyer doesn�t see it as a �fixer-upper�. Spending some money to add some nice touches to the home can bring you a significant return on your investment.

Once you�re ready to put your home on the market, do yourself a favor and let a professional Hayesville NC Real Estate broker at Tusquittee Land list your property for you! We know how to market your home so people looking for a new house will see it. Simply having your home listed on a site that people searching for homes come to can take weeks or even months off of the entire process.

With over 100 years combined experience in the Hayesville and Hiawassee area, Tusquittee Land Company knows how to sell your home. Give us a call today and we�ll get started marketing your property. Don�t take on the Clay County NC Real Estate market by yourself; find an experienced professional who can make your life easier.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us 828-361-2586, email us, or use our online request form.

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